Photo of Tarrion

Tarrion Baird

Doctoral scientist

Tarrion graduated from the University of Leeds in 2019 with an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry. As a part of this degree she spent a year in the oncology molecular pathology group at AstraZeneca, developing IHC assays for novel predictive biomarkers. She completed her undergraduate research project in the Naseem Lab, researching platelet-immune cell interactions.

Tarrion is studying for her PhD as a part of the University of Cambridge BBSRC DTP. As part of this programme, she completed two rotations, one in the Jackson lab developing a library of cyclic peptides in yeast, and one the Coleman lab, researching the role of miRNAs in germ cell cancer. Tarrion’s research in the Roychoudhuri lab aims to exploit tumour evolution to understand how cancer evades immune attack.