Joining the lab

We are looking for new group members with passion, talent, and grit!

You will have the chance to work on grand challenges in the field immune regulation and tumour immunity. You will be involved in determining the important and interesting questions, designing and performing measurements, making discoveries and publishing findings.

Applications for Postdoctoral Fellowships

We are happy to consider postdoc applications if you are interested in bringing your work to the laboratory. Please send me an email stating briefly why you are interested in joining the group and attaching a CV.

We are well supported by a variety of external funding agencies, several of which provide support for postdoctoral fellowships. We are happy to support the most talented postdocotral researchers to apply for fellowships in the group. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss this route to joining the laboratory.

Master’s and Bachelor’s internships

If you are looking for a Masters project in the laboratory, contact me by email with a copy of your CV, a start and end date of the internship, and a brief statement of why you’d be interested in joining the laboratory.